My Petunias Are Wilting – What Causes Petunias To Wilt And Die

By Liz Baessler Petunias are extremely popular flowering plants that grow well in containers and as bedding plants in the garden. Available in very diverse varieties and colors, petunias can be found to meet just about any specifications you have. Whatever you want, you should have vibrant, beautiful blossoms all summer. But this may not always be the case. What happens when your petunias start to wilt? Sometimes it’s easily fixed, but sometimes it’s a sign of something serious. Keep reading to learn more about petunia wilting problems and what causes petunias to wilt and die. Troubleshooting Petunia Wilting Problems Wilting petunia flowers can mean many things. Maybe the most common (and easily fixable) is improper watering. Like lots of plants, petunias respond to a lack of water by wilting. Don’t just water them more, though! Wilting petunia flowers can also be a sign of too much water. Always check

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