Plants With Blue Foliage: Learn About Plants That Have Blue Leaves

By Bonnie L. Grant True blue is a rare color in plants. There are some flowers with blue hues but foliage plants tend to be more gray or green then blue. However, there are some truly standout foliage specimens that can actually provide that intense blue that is the perfect foil for other landscape colors. Plants with blue foliage increase the visual intensity of the garden while helping other tones and hues guide the eye on a colorful journey. Let’s look together at blue foliage plants and how to use them in the landscape. Using Blue Foliage in Gardens There are a couple of reasons for blue foliage plants. One explanation is cutin in leaves, which gives them the bluish-silvery appearance. Another is delayed greening, which can happen in many types of plants. Plants don’t have a truly blue pigment but can generate it through reflection and light wave absorption,


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