Basket Plant Information – How To Grow Callisia Plants

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Has gardening left you bruised and aching? Just hobble to the medicine cabinet and rub your pain away with Callisia basket plant oil. Not familiar with Callisia basket plants? Read on to learn more about their use as an herbal remedy and how to grow Callisia plants. Basket Plant Information Hardy in zone 10 and higher, basket plants (Callisia fragrans) can be found growing as a shady ground cover in tropical locations. There they are commonly called “inch plants” because of how they inch along the ground, rooting wherever their plantlets come into contact with soil. This Callisia plant is native to Mexico and South America. In cooler climates, Callisia basket plant is more commonly grown as a houseplant in hanging baskets. You can purchase it in greenhouses, sometimes under the names chain plant or just basket plant. Callisia does very well as a houseplant


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