Master Bath Update Plans in Black and White!

Small Master Bath Collage

It’s been 3 months since I shared with y’all that I’m planning a black and white master bath makeover at my house and I really thought it would be finished by now. But, it’s not! In fact, I have to wait another month before my contractor can get to me. Things have really picked up out there in the renovation business and these guys are staying busier than ever with people updating and renovating their homes instead of moving. So, that means I have to wait.

I had to change my original plans with my first choice contractors, the guys I’ve worked with before. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t promise when they could fit me in, so I moved on to another recommendation. I got a decent estimate from a referral from a blog friend, so I’m hoping this one turns out as good as I expect it to. You never know when you hire someone, so I’m taking a chance on this crew. I’ll share them all with you if things turn out the way I hope!

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