What Are Viburnum Borers: Learn About The Control Of Viburnum Borer

By Jackie Carroll Viburnum borers cause serious damage to shrubs in the viburnum family. Learn to identify these insect pests and eliminate them from the landscape with the viburnum borer treatment tips in this article. Viburnum Borer Life Cycle So what are viburnum borers? Viburnum borers are day-flying moths that look a lot like wasps. They have dark bodies with yellow markings and clear wings. It takes a close inspection to see the difference between the two distinct species of viburnum borers. The clearwing borer has white scales on its face while the lesser viburnum borer lacks the white scales. Both are about one-half inch long with a wingspan of about three-quarters of an inch. The adult moths emerge in early summer. They lay eggs near wounds on the lower part of viburnum trunks, no more than 18 inches above the ground. Pinkish-white caterpillars emerge from the eggs and crawl


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