Carrot Disease Management: Learn About Diseases Affecting Carrots

By Victoria Blackstone Although the cultural problems growing carrots may outweigh any disease problems, these root vegetables are susceptible to some common carrot diseases. Because the edible parts of the carrots you grow are hidden below ground, they can become infected with disease that you may not notice until you harvest your crop. But if you watch your growing carrots carefully, you may detect disease symptoms that often show themselves above ground. Common Carrot Diseases at a Glance Carrot diseases may stem from fungal, bacterial or other causes. Here are some of the more frequent issues you may come across. Fungal Diseases Crown and root rots are caused by Rhizoctonia and Pythium spp. pathogens. Common symptoms to look for are the tops of carrot roots turning mushy and rotting, and the foliage may die to the ground as well. Roots also become stunted or forked. Leaf spot is typically caused


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