Guide To Rudbeckia Deadheading – How To Deadhead Black Eyed Susans

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer It’s an age old tale in the garden, you planted one cute little Black Eyed Susan in a perfect spot. Then a couple seasons later, you have hundreds of little ones popping up everywhere. This can be maddening for the tidy, organized gardener. Read more to learn how to deadhead Black Eyed Susans for control, as well as the pros and cons of cutting blooms on Rudbeckia plants. Do You Deadhead Black Eyed Susans? Deadheading Black Eyed Susan flowers is not necessary but can prolong the blooming period and prevent the plants from seeding all over your landscape. There are about twenty-five native species of Rudbeckia blanketing fields and meadows across North America. In nature, they efficiently go about their business of providing food and shelter for butterflies, other insects, birds and small animals while self-sowing new generations of Black Eyed Susan plants. Left to


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