What Is A Saprophyte And What Do Saprophytes Feed On

By Jackie Carroll When people think about fungi, they usually think about unpleasant organisms such as poisonous toadstools or those that cause moldy food. Fungi, along with some types of bacteria, belong to a group of organisms called saprophytes. These organisms play an important role in their ecosystem, making it possible for plants to thrive. Find out more about saprophytes in this article. What is a Saprophyte? Saprophytes are organisms that can’t make their own food. In order to survive, they feed on dead and decaying matter. Fungi and a few species of bacteria are saprophytes. Examples saprophyte plants include: Indian pipe Corallorhiza orchids Mushrooms and molds Mycorrhizal fungi As saprophyte organisms feed, they break down decaying debris left by dead plants and animals. After the debris is broken down, what remains are rich minerals that become part of the soil. These minerals are essential for healthy plants. What Do

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