Spider Plant Water Cultivation: Can You Grow Spider Plants In Water Only

By Bonnie L. Grant Who doesn’t love a spider plant? These charming little plants are easy to grow and produce “spiderettes” off the ends of their stems. These babies can be divided from the parent plant and grown as separate plants. Can you grow spider plants in water? Plants need certain nutrients to grow and thrive and can’t be sustained in water long term unless you are using a hydroponic solution. However, you can root the little plantlets and transfer them to soil once the root system is vigorous. Can You Grow Spider Plants in Water? Many houseplants are easy to grow in water for a period of time, such as Pothos and spider plants, Taking cuttings or offsets is an easy way to propagate a favorite plant. These cuttings root quickly in just a glass of water. Once rooting is established, the new plant needs nutrients for future development.


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