Rumberry Tree Information: What Is A Rumberry Tree

By Amy Grant What is a rumberry tree? If you are an adult beverage enthusiast, you may be more familiar with its alternate name of guavaberry. Guavaberry liquor is made from rum and the fruit of the rumberry. It is a common Christmas drink on many Caribbean islands, especially on St. Maarten and the Virgin Islands. What are some other rumberry tree uses? Read on to find out what other rumberry tree information we can dig up. What is a Rumberry Tree? Growing rumberry trees (Myrciaria floribunda) are native to the Caribbean islands, Central and South America through North Brazil. Rumberry is shrub or slim tree that reaches 33 feet and up to 50 feet in height. It has reddish brown branches and flakey bark. An evergreen, the leaves are wide, glossy and slightly leathery – dotted speckled with oil glands. Blossoms are born in small clusters and are white


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