Woad Plant Care: Tips On Using Woad Plant Dyes

By Amy Grant Indigo blue was a pretty hot color 5,000 years ago. The production and trade of this dye became hotly contested when Eastern Indian merchants began to introduce indigo to Europe where woad was the preferred dye. Confused, yet? What is a woad plant and what other interesting woad plant information can we dig up? Is there a difference between indigo and woad plant dyes? Read on to find out. What is a Woad Plant? Woad (Isatis tinctoria) is an erect biennial that grows to between 1-3 feet, sometimes up to 4 feet in height. Its leaves are bluish green overlaid with a powdery white fluff. The leaves are narrow and lightly serrated to wavy. The plant blossoms with small yellow flowers in the spring of its second year of growth and develops into blue/black fruit. The plant was cultivated for centuries as a medicinal and source of


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