Can I Plant Seeds That Got Wet: How To Save Wet Seeds

By Amy Grant No matter how organized you are, even if you are super Type A combined with a moderate obsessive compulsive disorder, (in the interest of being PG) “stuff” happens. So it comes as no surprise that some, maybe someone in this household, may have ended up with wet seed packets. If this happened to you, I am sure you have a number of questions about what to do when seed packets get wet. Can I plant seeds that got wet? What do I do when the seed packets get wet? In general, how to save wet seeds, if possible. Let’s learn more. Help, My Seed Packets Got Wet! First of all, don’t panic. Take a “glass is half full” approach and stay positive. You may, indeed, be able to save wet seed packets. Perhaps, only the seed packet is wet. Open it and check the seeds. If they


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