Sikkim Cucumber Information – Learn About Sikkim Heirloom Cucumbers

By Liz Baessler Heirloom seeds can provide a great window into the huge diversity of plants and the people that cultivate them. It can transport you far beyond the traditional grocery store produce section. For instance, carrots don’t just come in orange. They come in every color of the rainbow. Beans don’t have to stop at a few inches. Some varieties can reach one or two feet in length. And cucumbers don’t just come in the slender green variety. Sikkim heirloom cucumbers are quite different. Keep reading to learn more Sikkim cucumber information. What is a Sikkim Cucumber? Sikkim heirloom cucumbers are native to the Himalayas and named for Sikkim, a state in northwest India. The vines are long and vigorous, the leaves and flowers much bigger than those of the cucumbers you might be used to growing. The fruits are especially interesting. They can get huge, often weighing in


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