Why Is My Ocotillo Not Blooming – How To Get Ocotillo Flowers

By Bonnie L. Grant The Ocotillo is native to the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts. These spectacular plants grow in open stony, arid areas and are notable for their bright red flowers and whip-like stems. Wild ocotillo is also known as candlewood, slim wood, flaming sword and many other pictorial names. If you’re wondering, “why is my Ocotillo not blooming,” read on for some possible reasons and solutions to make this desert wonder fully flower. Why is My Ocotillo Not Blooming? Ocotillo plants are common in their native regions. The slender stems and tiny leaves are accents for the crimson blooms that decorate the tips of the branches. The plants make excellent natural screens and borders, adding bright garden accents during their bloom time. Native garden centers can provide you with healthy specimens of the plants for a natural and easy to grow desert landscape solution. Also known as Jacob’s Staff,


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