Oleander Irrigation Needs: Tips On Watering Oleander Plants In The Garden

By Amy Grant Oleanders are hardy trees suited to the southern United States that once established require very little care and is remarkably drought tolerant. They are not only relatively care free, but produce aromatic blossoms in a slew of colors set off by their deep green, large, leathery leaves. How about watering an oleander? Since they are drought tolerant, how often do you need to water oleander bushes? Read on to learn more. Oleander Watering Requirements Oleanders grow anywhere from 6-12 feet tall and wide and some up to 20 feet tall. They are suited to the west coast, southern states, Florida and Texas. As mentioned, they tolerate dry conditions as well as wind and salty or marshy soils. They bloom from summer through to fall, punctuating the landscape with their colorful blossoms and heavenly scent. They are cold hardy down to 15-20 degrees F. (10 to -6 C.),


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