Propagating Staghorn Ferns: Learn How To Start A Staghorn Fern Plant

By Liz Baessler A staghorn fern is a great plant to have around. It’s easy to care for, and it’s a fantastic conversation piece. The staghorn fern is an epiphyte, meaning it doesn’t root in the ground but instead absorbs its water and nutrients from the air and rain runoff. It also has two distinct types of leaves: basal fronds that grow flat and grip the plant to a surface or “mount,” and foliar fronds that collect rainwater and organic material. The two types of leaves together make for a distinctive look. But what if you want to spread your staghorn ferns around? Keep reading to learn more about staghorn fern propagation. How to Start a Staghorn Fern Plant from Spores There are a few ways to go about staghorn fern propagation. In nature, the plant often reproduces from spores. Growing staghorn ferns from spores in the garden is possible,


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