Caihua Plant Info: Tips On Growing Stuffing Cucumbers

By Bonnie L. Grant Smart gardeners are always on the lookout for new and interesting produce to cultivate in their landscape. In the case of Caihua, the fruits are similar to cucumber but more trouble free. The Caihua stuffing cucumber is an excellent substitute for a regular cucumber with the added benefit of a pouch-like body that accommodates stuffing and filling. Read on for important Caihua plant info on growing and eating this interesting South African plant. Caihua Plant Info Late season cucurbits tend to be coated in mildew, besieged by insects and, in general, a garden nightmare by the end of the season. This is when you are busy harvesting, canning and eating your way through your biggest crops. Knowing how to grow Caihua will eliminate much of the drama associated with cucumber crops. These reliable fruits are generally trouble free and tenacious. The Caihua stuffing cucumber (Cyclanthera pedata)


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