Rooting Cabbage Bottoms – Tips On Growing Cabbage In Water

By Amy Grant Are you one of those people that prep their produce and then tosses the scraps into the yard or garbage bin? Hold that thought! You are wasting a precious resource by tossing out potentially usable produce, well unless you’re composting it. I’m not saying everything is usable, but many parts of produce can be used to regrow yet another. Growing cabbage in water is a perfect example. Read on to find out how to grow cabbage (and other greens) from kitchen scraps. How to Grow Cabbage from Kitchen Scraps I do all the grocery shopping for my family and over the course of the last year have steadily watched the receipt stay the same size while the total grows. It’s no secret that food is expensive and getting more so. We already have a garden, so that cuts the cost of produce at least, but what else


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