What Are Rosette Bud Mites – Learn About Bud Mite Symptoms And Control

By Amy Grant Fraser fir trees are a type of fir tree that is cultivated for use as Christmas trees. Fraser firs may succumb to or be damaged by a number of pests, amongst these are rosette bud mites. What are rosette bud mites and what methods of rosette bud mite control are there for the grower? The following article contains answers to these questions and other information on rosette bud mites. What are Rosette Bud Mites? Rosette bud mites are eriophyid mites that live inside Fraser fir buds. Eriophyid mites are different than other mites, such as spider mites. They are worm-like with a wedge shaped body and four legs on their anterior end. They can only be seen with the aid of a microscope or hand lens. Their feeding causes galls to form in the vegetative buds. The mites emerge from the prior year’s gall during spring bud


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