What Is Phenology: Information On Phenology In Gardens

By Amy Grant Many gardeners start planning the successive garden almost before the first leaf turns and certainly before the first frost. A walk through the garden, however, provides us with our most valuable clues as to the timing of various crops. Climate, weather and temperature triggers interact with the environment and impact the plant, animal and insect worlds – phenology. What is phenology and how can practicing phenology in gardens help us to correctly time planting and fertilizing? Let’s learn more. What is Phenology? Everything in nature is the result of phenology. Granted, human involvement and natural disasters can alter the natural order of phenology but, generally speaking, organisms, including human beings, rely on and act according to the predictable nature of seasonal changes. Modern phenology began in 1736 with the observations of English naturalist Rober Marsham. His records of the connections between natural and seasonal occurrences began that


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