Fashion over 50: Glamour Farms Top

glamour farms top002

Before I get started on Fashion over 50, I wanted to introduce something new to my blog! I’m going to start adding some videos to my sidebar, so I’ll have my own video channels going here and the first one I want to share is my dad in his garden. I did as many of you suggested and talked to him about his garden and got it on video to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy listening! Just as an FYI, we lived next door to the house they are in now for 10 years and that’s the house that we picked up rocks from the garden. He purchased an acre lot, gardened on that lot and then built the house they are in now which is right next door. So, this garden goes back to the 70’s and the first house, to the 60’s. Lauren is filming the video for us. Enjoy! You can watch here and it will stay on my sidebar too for future viewing.

Hey and welcome to another Fashion over 50! The heat in Atlanta has cranked up to a sweltering 95 degrees this week and we are just trying to stay cool these days. We complain every year about the heat, but somehow survive it until September gets here and things start cooling off again. So, during these hot summer months, I’m all about cool and casual. Glamour Farms sent me this cute cold shouldered top to style and it’s a nod to the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Not exactly red, white and blue, but close!

I styled it two ways, one with white jeans and one with white shorts.

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