Suckers On Lemon Trees: What Are Tree Shoots At Base Of Lemon Tree

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Are you seeing small tree shoots at the base of your lemon tree or new strange looking branches growing low on the tree trunk? These are most likely lemon tree sucker growth. Continue reading to learn about suckers on lemon trees and how to go about removing lemon tree suckers. Tree Shoots at Base of Lemon Tree Lemon tree suckers can grow from the roots and will grow out of the base of the tree and sprout right from the ground around the tree. Sometimes, this lemon tree sucker growth can be caused by the tree being planted too shallow. Building up a bed of soil and mulch around the tree base can help if you suspect your tree is too shallow. Other times new shoots may grow if the cambium layer under the bark has been nicked or cut. This can happen from mishaps


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