Sweet Pea Seedpods: Tips On Collecting Seeds From Sweet Peas

By Jackie Carroll Sweet peas are one of the mainstays of the annual garden. When you find a variety you love, why not save the seeds so you can grow them every year? This article explains how to collect sweet pea seeds. How Do I Collect Sweet Pea Seeds? Old fashioned or heirloom sweet peas are charming and fragrant flowers. Choose an heirloom variety for saving seeds. Seeds saved from modern hybrids may prove a disappointment because they probably won’t look like the parent plants. If you plan to grow sweet peas in the same garden spot again next year, you don’t have to go to the trouble of saving seeds. As the seed pods dry, they pop open and drop their seeds to the ground. Next year’s flowers will grow from these seeds. If you want to plant them in another location or share your seeds with a friend,


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