Identifying Soldier Beetles: Finding Soldier Beetle Larvae In Gardens

By Jackie Carroll Soldier beetles look a lot like lightening bugs, but they don’t produce flickers of light. When you see them, you can be sure that you also have soldier beetle larvae. In gardens, the larvae live in the soil, so you won’t see them. As soon as soldier beetle eggs hatch, the predatory larvae begin feeding on the insect eggs and larvae of harmful insects. Are Soldier Beetles Good or Bad? Soldier beetles are your allies in the fight against harmful insects. They eat soft-bodied insects, such as caterpillars and aphids, while doing no harm to garden plants. They may take a sip of nectar or nibble at pollen, but they never chew leaves, flowers or fruit. In fact, they help pollinate garden flowers as they travel from plant to plant. While the beetles attack insects above the ground, their larva consumes the eggs and larva of garden


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