My Cyclamen Won’t Flower – Reasons For Cyclamen Plants Not Blooming

By Jackie Carroll Do you throw away your cyclamen plants at the end of their bloom cycle? Dropped flowers and yellowing foliage make them look as though they are dying, but they are really just entering a dormant period. Find out how to get cyclamen to bloom again in this article. My Cyclamen Won’t Flower Cyclamen is a Mediterranean plant. Summers in Mediterranean regions are difficult for some plants to bear because of the intense sunlight and little or no rain. Some Mediterranean plants, such as cyclamen, enter a dormant period during summer. They drop their leaves and flowers, and rest until late summer or early autumn. You can help them through their resting phase by providing ideal conditions for their summer nap. How to Get Cyclamen to Bloom Again Getting blooms on cyclamen plants isn’t difficult, but you have to give the plant a summer rest followed by the


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