Tips On Treating Bud Mites On Camellias

By Teo Spengler Few plants are more cherished than the elegant camellia. But because of the camellia’s aristocratic reputation, some gardeners consider the beautiful flowering shrub delicate and problematic to cultivate. In truth, today’s camellias are easy-to-grow evergreen plants, as tough and rugged as they are beautiful. But that doesn’t mean that camellia lovers shouldn’t prepare for insect pests, like camellia bud mites. Read on for information about mites on camellia leaves and tips for treating mites on camellias. Mites on Camellia Leaves and Buds Mites are tiny insect pests that live on leaves and are so small that they are difficult to see in passing. You’ll do best to use a magnifying glass, not just the naked eye. You may also be able to diagnose mites from the dusty, gray appearance of the leaves. Mites on camellia leaves can be camellia bud mites or other types of mites, like


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