Transplanting Oleanders – Learn How To Transplant An Oleander Bush

By Teo Spengler With leathery green leaves and pink, white, yellow or red flower, oleander certainly qualifies as an ornamental, worthy of your backyard or garden. It is an evergreen and can grow to 25 feet tall. If the site you planted oleanders isn’t working out, questions might arise about transplanting oleanders. How to transplant an oleander bush? When to move an oleander? Will transplanting oleanders kill them? Read on for information about the ins and outs of moving oleander shrubs. Oleander Transplanting Gardeners choose to plant oleander for its showy blossoms and easy-going ways. It’s a tolerant, forgiving shrub, accepting many different types of soil and exposition. It is drought tolerant but will drink a lot if given a choice. Transplanting oleanders is also an easy, uneventful process. It’s not difficult to learn how to transplant an oleander bush. When to Move an Oleander Don’t undertake a transplant in


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