What Are Lingonberries: Tips For Growing Lingonberry Plants

By Amy Grant I live in an area of the United States that is rife with folks of Scandinavian origin, so I know a thing or two about lingonberries. If you don’t have friends of Scandinavian descent, you may be wondering “what are lingonberries?” The following article is filled with lingonberry information, including how to grow your own lingonberries at home. What are Lingonberries? Lingonberries are commonly used in Swedish food and are considered to be a crucial accompaniment to many Swedish dishes such as potato pancakes, Swedish meatballs and stuffed cabbage rolls. Lingonberries (Vaccinum vitas-idaea) are also referred to as cowberries, mountain or lowbush cranberries, red bilberries or whortleberries. They are a close relative of the cranberry and blueberry. Native species of lingonberry bear an annual crop of small red berries that taste much like cranberries. The European lingonberry has bigger berries that are produced twice in a growing


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