Black and White Master Bath Progress Pics

black and white tile001

It’s been an exciting week at my house! My tile contractor started last Tuesday on the master bathroom and it’s been fun to watch the process and progress. And it’s really been fun to not be doing the work. It was 4 years ago that my dad and I were knee-deep in this house renovation all during the summer and we worked like dogs getting this house done in 6 months enough that I could even move in. That’s not including all the other projects we have done since then, getting my house to where it is now.

On that note, I was happy to hire this one out. It was way over my dad’s head and mine and we would not have been able to do it all. A bathroom requires someone who knows what they are doing, so I got a recommendation from blog friends and came up with a guy who I called and he came out, gave me an estimate and I hired him to start. I had to wait over a month to get him here, but the day finally came last week. I will share his information with you later, because I’m very happy with his work ethic and how things are going so far.

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