Mites On Grapevines: Tips For Controlling Grape Bud Mites

By Liz Baessler Whether you own a vineyard or have just a plant or two in the backyard, grapevine pests are a serious hazard. Some of these pests are grapevine bud mites. These tiny, microscopic grubs feed on the bud material that ought to become new shoots, leaves, and grapes. Keep reading to learn more about mites on grapevines and grape bud mite control. Mites on Grapevines Grapevine bud mites are tiny, about ? of a millimeter long, to be exact. Their size, coupled with their clear to white coloring, make them impossible to see with the naked eye. You can spot them with a microscope, but the more common and much easier method is wait for telltale signs of damage. The presence of grapevine bud mites can result in buds that are blackened, covered in white fuzz and/or have a bubbly, rippled appearance to the surface. It can also


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