Moving Rose Of Sharons – How To Transplant Rose Of Sharon Shrubs

By Teo Spengler Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is a large, hardy shrub that produces bright showy blossoms that are white, red, pink, violet and blue. The bush blossoms in summer, when only a few other shrubs flower. With a stiff, upright habit and open branches, Rose of Sharon works in both informal and formal garden arrangements. Transplanting a rose of Sharon shrub is not difficult. Read on for tips on how and when to transplant rose of Sharon. Moving Rose of Sharons You may decide that moving rose of Sharons is the best idea if you find that they are planted in shade or in an inconvenient location. Rose of Sharon transplanting is most successful if you undertake the task at the optimal time. When to transplant rose of Sharon? Not in summer or winter. Your plants will be stressed if you try to transplant them when the weather


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