Canary Creeper Flowers: How To Grow Canary Creeper Vines

By Teo Spengler Canary creeper plant (Tropaeolum peregrinum) is an annual vine that is native to South America but very popular in American gardens. Despite the slow-growing implications of its common name, it grows at a truly fast pace, quickly reaching 12 feet or more. If you are interested in growing canary creeper, you’ll need to learn something about the vine. Read on for some tips on how to grow canary creeper vines. About Canary Creeper Vines The canary creeper plant is one pretty vine and a cousin of nasturtium. It has deeply lobed leaves a minty shade of green, and brilliant yellow flowers. The canary creeper flowers grow two big petals above and three smaller ones below. The upper petals look like the wings of tiny yellow birds, giving the plant its common name. The lower petals are spurred. The canary creeper flowers make their appearance in spring and


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