No Flowers On Oleander: What To Do When Oleander Will Not Bloom

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer As a landscaper, I am often asked why certain shrubs aren’t blooming. I’m often told it bloomed beautifully for years then just stopped or it just never flowered after planting it. There’s no magical solution to this problem. Usually, it’s a matter of location, soil condition or plant care. Read more to learn what you can do for non-blooming oleander shrubs. No Flowers on Oleander When you have no flowers on oleander, you have to question why. Oleanders are prized and beloved for their prolific blooms. If you’re oleander will not bloom, take a good look at its location. As other plants grow up around oleander, they may have started to block out the sun. Oleanders need full sun to bloom properly. Oleanders can have large root structures, if low growing plants have grown too dense around the oleander shrub, they can compete for nutrients,


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