Fashion over 50: Say Yes To The Dress!

chadwicks fashion001

Summer has arrived full blown here in Atlanta and we are sweltering right now. It’s not even into July yet and already the heat and humidity have settled in making it miserable to be outside for too long, unless you are floating in a pool somewhere. I’ve been wearing dresses more lately, because of the heat. Dresses are a little cooler to me this time of year since anything binding on my legs just makes me more hot and humid.

Back in the 80’s when I was working in the Corporate world, there was a catalog company called Chadwick’s. This was way before ordering anything online and the internet was just an idea back then. I used to get their catalogs in the mail and ordered quite a few clothes from them through the years. I always loved their styles and price points and their clothing was very affordable for a working girl and the quality was very favorable. Guess what? Chadwick’s is still alive and well and not only do they still do catalog sales, but they are online too, just like all other retailers these days. I’m partnering with them today to show you some of their dresses, specifically since dresses are so much fun, cooler to wear in the summer, and very feminine. I enjoy wearing dresses more than ever now.

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