Sweet Pea Problems: Reasons For Sweet Pea Flowers Falling Off

By Jackie Carroll It’s a common problem with sweet peas. One day the plants are loaded with buds that should open at any time, and the next day the buds are dropping off. Find out what causes bud drop and what to do about it in this article. What Causes Sweet Pea Bud Drop? We all hate to see the sweet pea flowers falling off, but it’s even more distressing when the buds drop off before the flowers begin to bloom. Insect invasions and plant diseases don’t cause sweet pea bud drop. It’s simply the result of the weather and environment. You can expect to see sweet peas dropping buds when night temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 C.) follow a warm day. The next morning, buds fall off in a gentle breeze or at the slightest touch. The good news is that the plants can be saved, and the


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