What Is Cenangium Canker: Managing Sooty Bark Canker On Trees

By Bonnie L. Grant Diagnosing plant ailments is crucial to plant management and health. Cenangium canker of trees is one of the more insidious diseases. What is Cenangium canker? Read on for tips on recognizing, treating and managing sooty bark canker. What is Cenangium Canker? Pine, spruce and fir trees provide much needed shade, animal food and cover, and enhance the landscape with their architectural elegance. Unfortunately, these species are prone to fungal diseases such as sooty bark canker, or Cenangium. Over time, the disease can girdle your trees, reducing nutrients and water to the upper growth and preventing the flow of plant starches that feed development. Trees can die without proper treatment. Cenangium is a fungal disease that produces a slow growing canker that affects the above mentioned evergreens as well as aspens. It is the most widespread canker on trees in the West. Infection begins in July through


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