Mushroom Harvesting: How To Harvest Mushrooms At Home

By Amy Grant Growing your own mushrooms at home is easy if you purchase a complete kit or just spawn and then inoculate your own substrate. Things get a little more difficult if you are making your own mushroom cultures and spawn, which require a sterile environment involving a pressure cooker or autoclave. However you start them, the question of when to harvest the mushrooms will inevitably come to pass. Read on to learn how to harvest mushrooms at home. When to Harvest Mushrooms If you buy a complete mushroom kit, the instructions will give a time frame for picking your mushroom harvest. This is really a gist, since depending upon conditions, the mushrooms may be ready to pick a couple of days earlier or later than the instructed date. Also, size is not an indicator of when to pick. Bigger isn’t always better. The general rule of thumb is


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