Crown Canker Of Dogwood: Dogwood Tree Bark Problems And Symptoms

By Teo Spengler Crown canker is a fungal disease that attacks flowering dogwood trees. The disease, also known as collar rot, is caused by the pathogen Phytophthora cactorum. It can kill the trees it attacks or can leave them vulnerable to lethal attack by other pathogens. For more information on crown canker on dogwood trees, read on. Dogwood Tree Diseases Dogwood trees suffer from a variety of diseases and conditions, most of which result in only cosmetic damage. Some are caused by improper care, such as water stress, resulting from inadequate irrigation during dry periods. Other avoidable diseases include leafspot and sun scorch, which occur when this understory tree is planted in full sun. However, two dogwood tree diseases are potentially lethal to the trees. Both are canker diseases. One, dogwood anthracnose canker, kills leaves, twigs and branches, starting in the lowest branches. It often kills the tree within three


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