Elm Phloem Necrosis – Methods Of Elm Yellows Treatment

By Teo Spengler Elm yellows is a disease that attacks and kills native elms. Elm yellows disease in plants results from Candidatus Phyloplaasma ulmi, a bacteria without walls that is called a phyoplasma. The disease is systemic and lethal. Read on for information about the symptoms of elm yellow disease and whether there is any effective elm yellows treatment. Elm Yellows Disease in Plants The hosts of elm yellows phytoplasma in the United States are limited to elm trees (Ulmus spp.) and the insects that transport the bacteria. White-banded elm leafhoppers transport the disease, but other insects that feed on the inner elm bark – called phloem – may also play a similar role. Native elms in this country have not developed a resistance to the elm yellows phytoplasma. It threatens elm species in the eastern half of the United States, often killing trees within two years after the initial


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