What Is A Root Zone: Information On The Root Zone Of Plants

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Gardeners and landscapers often refer to the root zone of plants. When purchasing plants, you’ve probably been told to water the root zone well. Many systemic disease and insect control products also suggest applying the product to the plant’s root zone. So what is a root zone, exactly? Read more to learn what the root zone of plants is, and the importance of watering the root zone. What is a Root Zone? Simply put, the root zone of plants is the area of soil and oxygen surrounding the roots of a plant. Roots are the starting point of a plants vascular system. Water and nutrients are pulled up from the oxygenated soil around the roots, called the root zone, and pumped in to all the aerial parts of the plant. A proper and healthy plant root zone is spread out past the drip line of


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