Can Ligularia Be Divided – Learn How To Split Ligularia Plants

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Like me, you may find yourself constantly on the lookout for shade plants other than hostas and coral bells. If you are lucky enough to have discovered the large and beautiful specimen plant, ligularia, odds are you’re hooked and want more. Growing three to six feet tall and three feet wide, the large purple tinged foliage topped with bright yellow flowers of ligularia have a dramatic effect in a part-shade or shade garden. One is simply not enough. If you’ve wondered can ligularia be divided, continue reading. Propagating Ligularia by Splitting Dividing perennials can rejuvenate them and stimulate new growth. Sometimes perennials will let you know when they need to be divided by not blooming well or when the center of the plant dies, leaving only a sort of donut shape of growth around the original plant crown. The plant overcrowds itself, and absorption of


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