Cyclamen Dormant Period – Is My Cyclamen Dormant Or Dead

By Jackie Carroll Cyclamen make lovely houseplants during their bloom season. Once the blossoms fade the plant enters a period of dormancy, and they can look as though they are dead. Let’s find out about cyclamen dormancy care and what to expect when your plant begins to fade. Is My Cyclamen Dormant or Dead? During the cyclamen dormant period, the plant may seem to be dead. First, the blossoms shrivel and drop off, and then the leaves yellow and fall. This is a normal part of a cyclamen’s life cycle, and you shouldn’t be alarmed. There are two things you can check to make sure your plant is still alive. First, look at the calendar. When it’s time for the plant to go dormant, nothing can stop the decline. If you still have doubts, you can push some of the soil aside and check the corm. It should be plump


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