Pear Decline Phytoplasma: Treating Pear Decline Disease In The Garden

By Teo Spengler What is pear decline? As the name indicates, it is not a happy diagnosis. This disease causes susceptible pear tree species to decline in health and die. Since there is no effective pear decline treatment, your best bet is to purchase resistant plants in the first place. For information about symptoms of pear decline disease, read on. What is Pear Decline Disease? Pear decline is a serious, often lethal pear tree disease caused by a phytoplasma called Candidatus Phytoplasma pyri. It is a mycoplasma-like organism without rigid cell walls. A tree is infected with this pear decline phytoplasma by insects called pear psylla. The pear psylla itself gets infected with pear decline phytoplasma from eating the foliage of infected pear trees. Once infected, a psylla stays infected and can transmit the disease to other host trees. It is also possible for a pear tree to get pear


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